Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Philly: Getting Less Terrible Daily!

So Philadelphia is slowly becoming ever so slightly less miserable:

I'm no longer living in a tiny, kitchen-less basement. I'm actually paying LESS money to live in a two story apartment, in a beautiful neighborhood, with a kitchen, AND a landlord who speaks English.

I also found a part-time job case managing at a homeless shelter, and talked them into letting me work only 3 days a week. Every week I have a 4 day weekend. I feel like I'm retired.

I made it through the winter without dying or sliding my truck into anything. I've also learned to use the train system here which helps me avoid angry Philly drivers anytime I'm headed down town.

I continue to search out the good in Philly despite the angry drivers, angry shop owners and angry co-workers lurking around every corner. I think "angry" is a badge of honor for Philadelphians. My first week at this job I was actually accused (by several people) of "being too nice". It's certainly a lot for a Southern girl from "the friendly state" to absorb.

At any rate, I seem to be surviving the cultural climate with my friendliness in tact.

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