Friday, July 06, 2001

Lifetime List

Sorry for that brief and ill-advised bout of cynicism. On with the adventure:

I'd been planning to post the 'Top 5 List of things wrong with the world' list, but instead.... I present:

Things to Do Before I Die

#1 Climb a mountain.

#2 Create something that inspires a large number of people.

#3 Live for a significant time in a country foriegn to me and my typical ideals.

#4 Save someone's life.

#5 Make a significant differance in the lives of an impoverished community.

#6 Write a screenplay.

#7 Get married.

#8 Run a major adventure race.

#9 Read the entire Bible.

#10 Spend a significant amount of days wandering in a desert. (40, if that's possible)

#11 Help a community recover from a natural disaster.

#12 Raise a dog from a puppy, and keep him till he dies.

#13 Spend some time living and working on a ship.

#14 Cross one of those long wooden rope bridges over a canyon or deep valley.

#15 Backpack through Tibet or Thailand, or some such country.

#16 Play guitar in a band, even if an unsuccessful one.

#17 Write a letter to someone I love from another country.

#18 Raise children who think for themselves, utilize their lifetimes, and respect God and other people.

#19 Help someone, or a family, get their feet back on the ground.

#20 Take a long road trip with a good friend.

To be continued...

Seem far-fetched? Though I wish I could say it wasn't inspired by 3am Oprah reruns, having the list makes you feel empowered, and even obligated to see it through.

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