Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am allowed one gushy, girly rant on this blog each year. So here we go:

Best Valentines Weekend EVER

Anthony and I celebrated Valentine's Day over the weekend, since we're both working on Monday and work is sort of the opposite of romantic.

First of all, Anthony planned everything - which was AWESOME. I got to sit back and relax, and he did a great job! Anthony has really been out-doing me in festiveness this year, even going so far as to invent "Christmas in January" or "Fake Christmas", since we were in separate time zones for the traditional version.

On Saturday he brought me some really pretty flowers. He went to a flower shop and picked out each flower himself and they were all super pretty and are sitting in my window right now making my day a little brighter.

Then Saturday night we went out for Mexican Food! The best kind of food ever invented! There is a whole section of my heart dedicated to Mexican Food that has been sadly wilting away in Philly, but we found a random place in a nearby suburb that had pretty decent Mexican and even better Frozen Margaritas! Bonus.

Sunday he took me to the Philadelphia Zoo - the country's first zoo. It was Amazing! The zoo is actually one of the nicest I've ever been too, and we got to see a lot of active animals including the cutest family of Orangatangs ever.

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend. I'm really glad we didn't try to cram something in on Monday night - this was so perfect. I'm feeling really happy, relaxed and lucky to have such a nice, thoughtful boyfriend.

A+ weekend in Philly.

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