Sunday, February 06, 2011

Boys on the Train

Took the train downtown this morning. Two boys in the seat behind us look out the window onto an industrial dump with smoking pollution towers in the background, fenced off with chain link and razor wire.

One boy exclaims to his mother, enthusiastically: "It's BEAUTIFUL outside!! I see a castle!!"

The other boy chimes in: "I see the castle too! Woah !!! Beautiful!"


Sitting in a downtown coffee shop having a warm smokey coffee with Anthony. He gets up enthusiastically, kisses me on the cheek and goes to see a man about a job. He's happy to be productive; running off to carve opportunities for himself in the world.

I'm happy to see him happy. Happy with my kiss. Happy to be surrounded by certain kinds of boys, who see beauty and opportunity out every window.

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