Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

It's Carnival Season in New Orleans, which means for the past couple of weeks this city has been throwing parades, attending balls, having huge parties and wearing ridiculous costumes... I love New Orleans.

We're in a really sweet spot this year. We live about four blocks off of the parade route which means 26 parades will be passing within walking distance of our house, but when we come home - we don't have too much noise.

After Carnival culminates on Fat Tuesday, we'll have a weekend off, and then in March we have the St. Patrick's Day Parade, St. Joseph's Day and Super Sunday (the day the Mardi Gras Indians roam the streets and show off their hand-made costumes). Then, in April we have 2 weekends of Jazz Fest.

This city sure loves to party while the weather is nice... and every other day of the year too. =)

Mary and the girls road-tripped it out here to catch some of the fun. The girls are passed out in a pile of stuffed animals and beads right now. None of the float riders could resist Madi's chubby baby arms waving up at them - and she banked on Mardi Gras loot. Mary came with a friend, and they're out right now enjoying the French Quarter.

I'm taking the night off so I can gear up for three more days of parties and parades.

Good times all around.

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