Sunday, February 08, 2009

Is walking everywhere an option?

I hate travel in this city. Since moving back here a year ago:
  • My truck was hit TWICE while parked in the parking lot at work.
  • Crunched in the front corner of my truck on a pole, while trying to back out of a cramped underground parking lot
  • Got in a fender bender on the Causeway in the middle of a huge traffic jam
  • Ticketed by a camera for not making a complete stop before the crosswalk while going right on red.
  • Ticketed for parking on a street that a bus makes a turn on
  • Got into an accident while riding the streetcar home from the french quarter
  • Witnessed first-hand 2 other streetcar/car collisions
  • Almost was run over by a streetcar while riding my bike on the neutral ground
  • Almost got hit by a car trying to cross a street.
  • Just now almost got hit by another car - when I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY, and he turned into me without a turn signal, and with no apology for almost breaking my legs with his fender.
  • Have been yelled at, cursed at, honked at and otherwise assaulted in my car too many times to count.
I am the first to admit, that most of this problem is my own fault, but regardless: I can't take it anymore. I can't drive here. I can't even park here. I try to be really careful, but I'm just not used to living in a place where the streets are so congested, small, busy - and FULL OF CRAZY PEOPLE.

I'm at the end of my transportation rope...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that you close your eyes when *I* drive?

Lara said...

How's your little truck holding up to all this stress?