Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Investing in a Bike... Or a Chauffeur.

I would like to decree upon New Orleans the official proclamation of 'Craziest City to Drive In'.

Congratulations to the Big Easy! Your tiny streets, potholes the size of the Grand Canyon, missing street signs, trolley cars, and endless one ways with "no turning" signs - beat all. Not to mention your drivers, who must have a daily "honk and yell" quota they're trying to meet.

My poor truck has been in two accidents in the last two weeks- while parked in a parking lot. Aesthetic damage only, but Geez!


Despite her slowly pounding the life out of my truck, I do love New Orleans. I love how when I leave for work in the morning, the neighbor says "Hey Baby!" and gives me a thumbs up sign. I love how there's always something new to do and see and go and be. I love the people I work with. I love the weather, the parks, the big oak trees that line the roads. I love that there is music anywhere and everywhere, and that it feels like NOLA has a soundtrack that everyone you meet is listening to.

I love that this city doesn't feel like thousands of people in a place, who share public transport and tall buildings, but have disjointed lives. New Orleans has a heartbeat that everyone can feel. The city is a common experience that makes you friends with strangers, because you both feel what the city feels, and you both know what it's like to be joyously and achingly in love with this place.


We move into our new apartment on Tuesday. When I post photos you will all be oh so jealous, and wish you lived in New Orleans too. And when you wish that, I want you to look at your calendar and mark off some dates to come and visit me.

Because as much as I love NOLA, I miss you all even more.

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Lara said...

I am so sorry about your truck!

How are things going? I haven't talked to you in a week or so!