Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes YOU! You can help too!

Hello Blog Readers!

April 19-20th a group of friends and myself will be gutting a house for an elderly woman who lives in the 9th Ward. She has been trying to do it herself, but has recently started to get really sick when in her house. She has probably developed an allergy to the mold from gutting without the right safety gear.

So some of us are getting together on the weekend to help her finish the job... This is where You, (yes YOU!) Can help!

HONO - the non-profit I work for - is going to lend us the respirator masks we need for gutting - but we still need to purchase the filters -- Which run $14/set. (I need 10 sets!)

A respirator filter keeps everything you see on my face in this picture -- out of your lungs. And that is a good thing.

If you would like to donate some dollars for respirators, in exchange - I promise to post awesome pictures from our gut on my blog. =D And then you can walk around knowing that you helped bring one more New Orleanian home after the worst natural disaster in our country's history...

Also - Unlike most non-profits or charities -- 100 % of your donation will go to respirator filters. No overhead costs, no salaries. If there's any leftover money - I'll mail it back to you.

This would be a great one to get your kids involved in. See if they can raise $14 from a lemonade stand for respirator filters to help rebuild New Orleans?

Email me if you want to help!

everydayamy [at] gmail [dot] com

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SaturdayMorning said...

count the phillips family in to save some lungs! I like the idea of getting the kids involved too!