Sunday, March 09, 2008

Checking in...

Another beautiful weekend in New Orleans.

We walked to the coffee shop down the street this morning and had chickory and banana bread and read the Sunday paper. Then we drove down to the Central Business District, walked around looking at all the tall buildings for a few hours and ended up at the NOLA Grocery, where Anthony had his first po-boy. Then we went over and checked out the National WWII Museum. The part we saw was fantastic, but there was so much to see - We'll have to go back again another day... or three.

I am a little in love with my life right now. Once I have an apartment and can unpack - I will be completely head over heels. Seriously though - Things are thus far, fantastic. There's so much to do. My job is interesting and compelling, but I only give it 40 hours of my week. And the rest of my time I spend hanging out with Anthony and old friends.

To top off the day-to-day joy - I'm getting a tax refund for the first time in three years, and I'm making enough at my job, that I think I'll be able to pay down my student loans by September.

All is well.


Unknown said...

AMY!!! it sounds like things are great!

sweeeeet picture of St. Louis Slim and Dominick Grillo at the spotted cat, did you take it?

Anonymous said...

My sister Mary did!!

Unknown said...

Mary is amazing!

Tell her that I'm still waiting for her to come visit me in NY!