Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Return of Amy!

Mary says my "Amy-ness" is coming back!

Which means that I didn't completely lose myself in NOLA... Honestly, there were times there where I couldn't even imagine what energy or happiness felt like anymore.

I'm glad to know that some part of me was preserved in the middle of all of that. I have to say, I definitely feel a little lighter after these last two weeks. It's not so hard to get out of bed in the morning. I don't feel any more tension in my chest, and my mind just feels less anxious. I catch myself singing more while I'm walking or doing chores. I feel more creative...

I think it was good to take the time, and shake off a little of the weight the last two years put on my back.

I have two interviews this week: One for a tech support position, which in my mind only has a slight edge on unemployment; And one tomorrow with a non-profit in Denton that I'm pretty excited about. So hopefully I'll be working again soon.

...Also, I'm lifting my book ban. I know, I know. (No resolve.) But I'm dying to read Chris Rose's new book: One Dead in Attic. Chris Rose (see my sidebar) is a columnist for the Times Picayune in New Orleans. He's been called NOLA's most famously depressed resident. The book is his account of Katrina, New Orleans, and its aftermath. His writing is fantastic. Everyone should read this book, and then tell all their friends to read it - starting with me.

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C said...

I *thought* I heard ya singin' the other day. Didn't wanna put you on the spot in fear you might stop. :)