Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brief moments of insanity...

For my sister's birthday, I signed us both up to run a 10k race at the end of November. I got the idea, and had us registered and paid for all within a 10 minute span. What did I get us into???

I haven't run since Americorps, much less run 6.4 miles?

My knees are gonna be paying for that 10 minutes of craziness for two months. Ouch.

I had an interview today that was rather humiliating. I made a biting comment to one of my interviewers, and almost walked out in the middle of it. It was for a tech support job, and we had to take fake phone calls from concerned customers. If you know me at all, you know I hate this kind of thing: acting, performing, customer service, telephones, interviews. In fact, this interview was like all the things that make me really self-conscious and uncomfortable crammed into 1 hour of my day.

Gaaaahhhhhhh... They called me this afternoon and want me to come in again for a 2nd interview; which would normally be exciting. But after feeling humiliated and degraded in their office all afternoon, I kind of hate the idea of working for them.

I have an interview with a non-profit in Denton tomorrow as well. This interview I'm actually excited about, though I'm not cutting ties with the tech support guys yet. I mean even a humiliating paycheck is a paycheck.

Anyway - Wish me luck. I'm tired of being unemployed. And, God love my nieces, but it would be nice to live somewhere where your roomates don't puke and pee on the floor all the time. =P

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