Friday, September 07, 2007

This Year's Reading List

These are all books in my possession, that I haven't read. I never feel guilty about buying a book. It feels like I'm investing in a literary world that is quickly being overrun by television, video games, and other faster, instantly gratifying forms of entertainment. Plus - I'm investing in my own mind, right?

It only becomes a problem - when you collect more books than you actually read. Occasionally, I have to institute a "no new books" policy, until I finish reading what I have on hand. In Americorps, this policy pushed me through Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, Native Son and a handful of other short novels. Well, now I'm 15 deep - and I'm bringing back my book prohibition.

I'm hating myself for buying Atlas Shrugged right now... Looks like it's gonna be a long, long... long time before I'm allowed in a bookstore again.

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Anonymous said...

Atlas Shrugged is awsome! I really like the book though I wish Ayn Rand would have broken it up into three shorter novels. :-)