Friday, April 27, 2007

Back in Texas! My Texas!

Texas, Our Texas! all hail the mighty State!
Texas, Our Texas! so wonderful so great!
Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev'ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.

Texas, O Texas! your freeborn single star,
Sends out its radiance to nations near and far,
Emblem of Freedom! it set our hearts aglow,
With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo.

Texas, dear Texas! from tyrant grip now free,
Shines forth in splendor, your star of destiny!
Mother of heroes, we come your children true,
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.

God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

Texas State Song


It's so good to be home, and without guests or post-Americorps year anxieties. Just home. This place is so peaceful. I think at some point over the last two years, I completely forgot what normalcy felt like.

It's nice to be somewhere quiet, where people work hard, and look out for each other. And not in some bold and glorious service gesture; but in a day to day way. It's just how they live.

I miss having family at the dinner table, and visiting with neighbors in the street. I miss my old, old dog; and the smell of honey suckle.

It has been way to long since I lived a life that makes any kind of sense.

Two more days of sanity, before I book it back to the crazy. I really don't know how much longer I can live the way I'm living. I'm craving peace. Peace of mind. Peace and quiet. Inner-peace.

All of it.

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