Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Too Dense for Politics

I got home at 10:00 tonight after a really long day of work, and dutifully got out my computer to read the transcript of the State of the Union Address, before the television or radio had time to tell me what to think about it.

I pulled it up and realized it was going to mean a good half an hour of reading, but told myself that this was the duty of citizenship, and that democracy doesn't exist where people are uneducated about the issues at hand.

After reading pages and pages of policy on everything from education reform to the AIDS Virus, I finally got to the portion on Iraq. I was really confused reading the President's words... Why did he keep referring to Hussein in the present tense. As in, "He has not produced evidence that these weapons have been destroyed." Wasn't he just executed? Maybe its a literary tactic on the speech writers part... So I read on... and on... and on. 45 minutes later, I get to the end of the speech only to see the date at the bottom: January 2003.

All this to say... If anyone was anxiously awaiting my review of the 2007 version (yeah, right) it'll have to wait for tomorrow. I can't read another word.

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C said...

Y'know...I kinda feel dumb, because I read this post once before and totally missed the part where mentioned that it was the speech from 2003.

Your frustration makes so much more sense now.