Friday, January 19, 2007

50 Things You Never Knew About Me!

I am almost bored enough to fill out one of those obnoxious e-mail self-discovery quizzes.

You know the ones I'm talking about. You get forwarded a mass email from someone you haven't talked to in years, with their answers to 30 questions that noone cares about the answers to. (Coke or Sprite?; What did you have for breakfast?; What's the last word you said out loud?)

After you've wasted 20 minutes reading the answers to all these questions, with the smallest hope that there might be something worth reading in there, you're supposed to erase all their answers, and then spend an hour trying to think of clever responses to mundane questions in a ridiculous quest for self discovery and expression.

After you've wasted a good hour and a half of your life, you forward your answers to another 50 people, who also don't care about any of these questions, and if you're lucky - you receive a few responses, but only from people whose lives are equally as boring as yours. And the viciuos cycle continues...

Anyway... I'm almost that bored. Maybe I am that bored. But now its a matter of principal. Why should others suffer with me? Sorry, fellow internet-entertainment junkies. All your forwards die with me.

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C said...

Once upon a long time ago, in the land of AOL dial-up, I too actually took those tests. But after the first 5 or so, you realize how all the tests are the same, and that yeah, nobody really cares. Well, most people anyway. Way to draw that line Ames, you're an inspiration to all 'net surfers. :P