Monday, September 25, 2006

A Letter for "Important" People

Dear Corporate World:

I don't care about your money.


Anonymous said...

Why did you stop chasing the King?

Anonymous said...

I used to call this blog 'king chaser' after a song I wrote about some of my religious ideas... I changed the title, because I think most people just thought I was boy crazy.

P.S. I hate anonymous comments.

Anthony said...

We all know you're boy crazy.

Anyway, keep stickin' in to THE MAN.

Anonymous said...

chasing boys? I never made that association.. "King of Creation, and Lord of my Life,Lord of the Heavens and seas,......we bow down and we worship the King....we bow down and we worship the King,.... King of all Kings he will be! That's the King your Dad and I thought you were chasing....don't ever stop.

Ruth said...

Dear Anonymous,

Amy is a King-chaser in deed, not just word. It is presumptuous, at best, to imply otherwise simply because of a title change. Please don't.
You are one of my heroes Amy. I miss our discussions.