Monday, September 12, 2005


I'm getting three shots tonight: A TB test, the first in the Hepatitis B series, and a tetnus shot.

I'm a little stressed out, but I guess a shot is better than dying from lockjaw. I've decided I'll just pretend I'm Sydney from Alias, and I'm being tortured for information, and they could be pulling out my teeth with pliers, but instead, they're just giving me shots... which will make shots seem nice.

Some Ameri-ironies: I have mail, but no post office; money to deposit, but no bank; 80 service hours to complete, but am not allowed to use my car to complete them. ...So this is what it's like to work for the government.

P.S. Thanks everybody for commenting on my blog. It makes life alot less lonely!


Anonymous said...

Guess What! Someone came to Heather's organizational meeting to talk about Habitat for Humanity, but then made a plug for Americorps, which apparently she did right after college.......It made me think of you :-P

Hope you arm isn't sore!

BTW...Tag says HI!

Anonymous said...

Did it hurt? What's with the 80 service hours? Isn't your entire life "service hours" at this point?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lara-isn't the whole next year community service???
How were the shots?
Pod switch is today-very exciting, also applied for a home loan in allen the school taxes are obscene!!! like $400 a month!

Anonymous said...

I guess it could always be worse, you could be going to Texas to live. Good luck in the big easy. I hear it's no longer easy, and doesn't feel so big anymore.

Anonymous said...

One step closer to being closer to Texas! Texas our Texas all hail the mighty state!

Anonymous said...

There's a huge possibility that our first project will be in Louisiana! So close to home. =)