Friday, September 09, 2005

Initial Impressions

I got issued my work boots, gloves, backpack and uniform today. Tomorrow I have a physical and a personality test, and then Sunday I'm going to go check out Seacoast Church in downtown Charleston with a few other girls from my team. Afterwards we're heading to the beach.

So far, the needle count is up to six, as far as how many vaccinations we'll have to get before we go to Louisiana. I'm walking around with the needle-anticipating heebie geebies all day.

There is one girl on my team, who reminds me of my younger self. She has this kindof longing for faith, but what she thinks it should look like, and what she sees in much of the church today, just don't match up, so she can't really give herself to it. I just want to pull her aside and say, "Hey! There's people out there who follow Jesus in a way that's radical and life changing! It's just hard to find them sometimes," but I've only known her three days... so that seems premature.

There's another guy on my team, who reminds me of the younger angrier me. He's got that whole isolated - rebellious vibe going on. I didn't really like him initially, probably because he reminds me of the potential in myself to be a jerk, but the more I talk to him, the more I think he just needs a friend.

It's so surreal! I spend all day with 18 year olds in a dorm. I feel like a big sister to everyone on my team; like I need to watch out for them, and help them figure out that crazy 18-20 transitional period.

My initial impression of Americorps after three days is that it's going to be alot harder than I thought originally, but definitely worthwhile in the end.

I'm going to post my contact info in the comment box if anybody needs it. Talk to you all soon! Take care! -- amy


everyday amy said...

contact info::

Americorps, Southeast Campus
GOLD 3 (that part is important!)
2231 South Hopson Avenue, Charleston, S.C. 29405


Anonymous said...

we are missing you so much around here... Madi is still walking around the house saying "meme memememmeme"

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you. I'm glad your initial impressions are positive. I think you are probably right about it being a lot of work, but definitely rewarding. Love you more!

Anonymous said...

You'll be a great mentor for these 'youngins' - I just sat down to post your address -sorry I was too slow. Embrace the shots - nothing compared to the options. We love and miss you but are so proud of what you are doing. WHO Group is keeping you in their prayers... love you more...

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,

I just realized that I can leave a comment without being a "blogger," Yippie!!!!! And now I can say “it sounds like you had a great summer……and…..I can’t wait to hear all about your endeavors to come!”

Lov ya
Lonely Austin Student (Your “Sis”) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Check out all those family comments! That's some kindof record for my blog.

I miss everyone alot. I'm counting the days till Christmas!

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

You are so a big sister. Just remember to bring your burdens and the burdens of those around you to the feet of Jesus. He bears them well. Awesome about the shots, I always say, the more needles, the better! (And by always I mean never before this time)

Anonymous said...

Are you on right now?