Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogging at Lightning Speed!

Hello All my Friends and Family!

Forgive the hasty writing. We stopped quickly at the computer lab between training and dinner today, and I thought I'd try to update everybody. (Finally my riduculously fast typing pays off!)

I got to Charleston Wednesday afternoon, and started meeting all the people that will be important to my life this year. First my team leader, Neal, who is very cool. He's always smiling and positive and seems organized. Then my roomate, Tamara, who is also nice and has the same random taste in music. (Leslie, she has a Ray Lamontagne CD!)

My team leader just said five minutes left.

The base is an actual base with like cranes and ships and stuff. The dorms are cool, but there are roaches the size of my palm in there - kindof scary!

My team is nice, but mostly 18, so very young. Things are good. We'll train here for a month, and found out yesterday we will definitely be spending time cleaning up after Katrina.

Could use your prayers. Not many Christians here, and its hard to get to a church.

Talk to you all soon! Cell phone working again.

Bye! - amy

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Anonymous said...

WooHoo! I am so glad you got the awesome taste in music set up! And you have cell phone ability! That makes me so happy.

Prayers your way!

..."listen when all of this around us falls"...