Wednesday, September 14, 2005

First PT

So it's 5:20am when all our team leaders come screaming down the dorm hallways to wake us up for our first PT (physical training). My group drew "long cardio" this morning, so at 5:30, we truck out to a dark field, and run its exterior for 20 minutes, while stopping every five minutes to do push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, etc. After our run, we run suicides until 6:30. When we finish, its still dark, and we're all exhausted.

Somehow, we get four girls back to the dorms, through the shower, and dressed by 7:00, so we have time to go to the galley for breakfast, which is over at 7:30. (You have to be clean, and in full uniform before you're allowed to go in.) At breakfast, I must be protein starved, because I have eggs and bacon, neither of which I've eaten much of in years, and a huge glass of water.

This is another Americorps moment, when I think: "It can only get easier from here on", only to find it gets a little harder the next day.

If you think getting to the gym is hard, try it after having three vaccinations the day before, being sick for a week, getting up at 5:00 a.m., and then having the rest of your day scheduled until 8:00 p.m.

Re: Comments --

We have to complete 80 independent service hours, in addition to our 1700+ team hours, to qualify for our education reward. I've really quit asking "why" at this point, and just try to figure out "how".

Who is Mark?


Lara said...

Four girls through the shower in 30 minutes. Wow. What are suicides?

Anonymous said...

As to suicides - Go rent "Coach Carter".

Anonymous said...

Woo! Bacon! Way to go! I am seriously impressed. More freedom!

They can take our vegetarian diets, but they will never take our freedom!

Anonymous said...

I know! And the other day, I ate a turkey sandwich! GO ME!

Anonymous said...

Turkey! Well it looks like Thank giving is a few months early. I am thankful for freedom! Go Amy! Way to take risks!