Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"One on One"

Today I had my "one on one" with my team leader, Neal. Its where you sit down and just "get to know each other" and talk about concerns you might have.

Which made me realize this about myself:

Americorps Revelation #1: I am really, really uncomfortable being the center of somebody's attention. Someone looking at me directly for more than a few seconds makes me blush; someone asking me direct questions about myself make me stammer and my hands shake; and one-on-one situations where I'm supposed to do the talking, leave me completely unable to form coherent thoughts or sentences.

So here's a few more jobs I'm crossing off the big list:

X Rockstar.
X Movie Star.
X Anything else that might get me on Oprah someday.

As an afterthought, I think this might be another reason I have such a hard time with the whole "dating" thing. I really can't stand the constant and undivided attention from another person that comes with the territory.


Anonymous said...

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Ruth said...

Introversion strikes again. We'll get the better of it one day, comrade.
-AND- I posted on my blog just for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you are learning so much already! What a wonderful time to collect knowledge and pack it away to learn from, whenever you get some time to think. Oh, and that is my Mark, from King.

Abel Keogh said...

I thought it was everyone's goal to be on Oprah

Anonymous said...

Is your team leader hot? I'd be nervous if he was hot. You can overcome your social discomfort, you can! I believe in you. Even if he is hot!

Anonymous said...

If you can't tell, I am going for the most shallow comment of the day award.

Anonymous said...

He's not hot. (He's not ugly!) He's kindof goofy... and possibly gay?

Anyway - I was just nervous, because of the whole 'having to talk about me' bit. It'll get better.


Anonymous said...

Of course it will get better!

Regarding my acceptance speech, please refer to my previous award.

Anonymous said...

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