Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Want to Be the Kind of Person Who::

reads important books
wears confidence
smiles alot
knows how to dance
makes friends easily
volunteers secretly
enjoys a good cup of coffee
prays secretly, and intensely
loves to read the Bible
takes long walks, alone and with friends
sends real letters in the mail
lives and loves simplicity
knows how to make a person feel special
makes a big deal out of people's birthdays
plays music, somewhere
embraces life
embraces death (with hope)
sings in the shower

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Anonymous said...

Amy....Thanks for the post in my guestbook. I wrote a little clarificaiton today on my chidren and grieving entry. It's not that I don't think there are children who don't need counciling. It's my opinion that if the communicaiton lines are open betwen parents and children when such a tragdey occurs, children will be able to deal with death very well.

As always, enjoy reading your site!