Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Nano is eating my lunch. I'm having trouble killing my inner-editor. Word count to date: ~1300.

In addition to leaving my job in December, I'm also officially transitioning out of 242 and my hope group. It's such a bitter-sweet stage. On the one hand, I'm excited about moving on to post-college group and getting to see some good friends more regularly. And I'm really ready for a change; ready to move forward and let God do a new thing in me. I feel like these last four years have equipped me for purpose in the kingdom, and I'm ready to set out on that journey.

On the other hand, I'm going to miss seeing alot of awesome friends in 242 on a regular basis, not to mention all the amazing people coming in who I won't get the chance to know better. Plus, my hope group is thriving after two years of hard, seed-planting, struggling, prayer-warrioring, and hoping.

On the other hand (yes, I have three hands), -that's just the place I want my hope group to be when I step out.

I am so grateful and awesomely blessed that Jesus chose to use such a caring, and passionate body to intervene in my life (or death, rather) and display his heart to me, through his Spirit and His people. It's hard to walk away from something that's been so life-giving, but I'm ready, and even excited.

There's alot of people in my office really upset about the election turnout. I'm thinking of making them cookies that say Hillary 2008* as a consolation prize.

*This website is not endorsing Hillary Clinton for office. I repeat, not. **
**I love blogs with fine print.

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Don't go!