Friday, November 05, 2004

The Body

I fell asleep last night thinking about the church... again.

The church is it for me. It is so much more than we make it - more than a social club, more than a place of ministry or good philosophy, more than 'good people' or commenly held beliefs. - definitely more than a building.

I remember sitting in Austin High three or four years ago as our pastor posed the question, "What are you passionate about?" and having my heart jump out of my chest with the answer --the church. (That is NOT a Christian cop-out, - not an, "oh, you know. I'm passionate about the Lord"). And I don't mean going to church, or hearing sermons, or any of the stuff the church does - I'm passionate (filled with passion) for the BRIDE.

-The awesome, awesome, AWESOME potential - the glory of the church empowered with the Spirit of GOD. The Holiness and Beauty of the Redeemed. We are the freaking --BODY-- of CHRIST. Anyway, I fell asleep thinking about the church and disappointment. I wonder if we're not most disappointed in the church when we are most disappointed with ourselves.

When we're falling, does the church reflect our failures? Is being hurt by the church easier than dealing with our own brokeness? or does it somehow rationalize our own failure? Or is it just that standing in judgement makes us feel better about ourselves?

I've had alot of friends walk away from 'the fight' because of this broken thing we call church. I want to understand so I can heal, so I can protect, so I can Fight.

I think in the end, many have 'perish[ed] for lack of vision.' The Father looks at the church, and sees her for what she has not yet become. He sees her redeemed, and lifted up in glory. He sees the bride. It's harder for us to look with such merciful eyes, to look at brokeness and see Beauty.

Father, open our eyes; strengthen our hearts. (AMEN.)

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shaun said...

You have quite a strong heart for the church.

This is an excellent thing to have.

It edifies me, that's for sure. Thanks Amy.