Saturday, October 30, 2004

Eclectic Election

I had to wait in line an hour and a half to vote yesterday - Hooray, Democracy! It's so encouraging to see so many people exercising the awesome-and-oh-so-taken-for-granted gift of election. We get to choose our leaders, guys. In a global context, that's HUGE.

Plus, voting centers are cool- People lose all their social inhibition at these places. During the hour and half I was there, three people tried to convert me. One offered me water that came with his personal presidential endorsement (as if I would somehow associate X-candidate with my salvation from the Texas heat and change my vote at the last minute).

Then there was a soap-box Christian, yelling to everyone and noone in particular about plastic surgery, tattoos, reality TV, armageddon, and something about Jesus and His love thrown in there somewhere.

I also saw a lizard lady with tattoos all over her arms and face, and spiky orange hair. There was an old woman someone had to help walk to the ballot box... I wondered how many elections she'd voted in, and if I would be her in sixty years. And I stood in line next to a guy named John, who supports the Constitution party, and is in a rock band called "Love Missile". Hooray, Eclectica!

On top of all that, there was a news van there to get shots of the line wrapping around the HEB parking lot, so all of this wonderful stuff is recorded somewhere... forever.

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