Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I'm thinking of inviting abandoned college students over for Thanksgiving. I remember my first Thanksgiving in the dorms. I couldn't go home that year, because all the marching band kids had to be in town for the Texas/A&M game the next day. Everything closed down, and I was one of like three people left on campus. I ended up walking to Jack in the Box and having Thanksgiving dinner with some homeless guys, who were trying to get out of the rain.

This year, I'm stuck in Austin again. I have to work on Friday, but I'm sure there are probably other people who can't make the trip home... especially international types... Then again, I guess they don't care much about Thanksgiving. But hey, 'when in rome'...

Anyway, Thanksgiving in an apartment is definitely a step up from Thanksgiving on the drag.

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Anonymous said...

International kids care A LOT! Thanksgiving is proabbly the hardest time of the year since everyone is going home and they can't....trust me I KNOW! I've been invited to the Woodlands and I'm very very excited and you can bet that someone else will be forever grateful for a thanksgiving meal at your place~amina