Saturday, November 13, 2004


1. I think I've officially given up my Nanowrimo attempt. I don't think I ever expected to finish, but I also didn't think it would take me out as fast as it did. Final, unfortunate word count: 2,528 / 50,000. Which means, I've probably written more on my blog this month, than I did on that novel.

2. There used to be a link to a friend's blog here, but I removed it at her request.

3. Coaching group retreat this weekend. More on that, after the fact.

4. I finally mailed off my Americorps application this morning! Now the waiting.

5. And finally, have I mentioned I'm quitting my job?? Only thirty-five days to go. I can not possibly type anything here, that would convey my joy in leaving ----bank. This is very good news.

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