Thursday, September 16, 2004

Part 2: The Proposition

After years of raving about this social problem [see part 1], I consistently come to the same conclusion:

Yes, it's tragic, and frightening, and unjust, but it's also the reality of the society I live in. It's not going to change in my life-time. In fact, it will likely get worse. Therefore, my inevitable conclusion can only be: Deal with it.

Hence my proposition -

I have never been overtly "feminine". I'm not into the superficial, and have believed "it's whats inside that counts" to the extreme. I don't wear make-up, or own any beauty products. I never dry or style my hair - it's always in a pony-tail... always. And I never pay more than $10 for a hair cut.

People consistently describe my look as "comfortable," which has always been my deciding factor in purchasing clothing. Most of my clothes are four or more years old, and have been patched several times over by yours truly. You get the idea.... or at least you will when this is over.

I am proposing a social experiment.

Over the course of the next several months, I am going to attempt to enter the 'world of girl.' I will grab hold of all that I have found detestable, turn my values on their head, and embrace a transformation.

This will be my scientific log, wherein I will record all the steps I am taking into the world of cosmetics and grooming, as well as its apparent affects on my social surroundings.

What will this mad science uncover!?? What secrets lie hidden in the dark world of feminine adornment?? And what will we find behind the pony-tail and 'comfortable' clothing?!! ...Only time will tell.

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