Friday, September 21, 2001

the long awaited mouse entry

My constant companion through all my collegiate adventures has been a little feeder mouse named "Phish."

I got him during my first week at school, and named him "Phish," because fish are the only pets allowed in the dormitory, and naming him such makes 'secretive' conversation about the little fellow much easier.

There were originally two mice (Phish and Jack) but Jack turned out to be a real jerk, and got sent back to PetCo, and probably sold to the owner of a nice fat boa constricter within the week.

My first roomate was terrified of Phish, and never let him run in his globe while she was in the room. (Phish and I laughed together while we watched six of Jen's gold fish die during that first semester.)

When my summer roomate and I made our home movie, 'The Ami' (coming to theaters near you!), Phish played part of "Peety" the "parlor pal" of "The Diseased Prostitute" (a very prestigous 'Ami' role.)

Sadly, over time, Phish has given up his adventurous days to become a glutton. He quickly realized that his hunting/gathering days were over, and ever since does little but sit inside his food dish and stuff his face all day. His belly is twice the size of his head, and I'm starting to fear for his health.

Maybe if I start calling him "Tubby" in front of guests, I can shame him into a more active lifestyle...

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