Sunday, August 12, 2001

rabbit hole I

I’m falling down the rabbit hole, only there aren’t the usual backward spinning clocks and tie dyed mushrooms. I’m surrounded and dizzied by paperwork and free music.

My current world, (though I prefer to think of it as merely a brief hiatus from the natural state of amy jo), is consumed with two main events, namely: the onslaught and completion of student loan paperwork I need to send to UT before Tuesday, and the long awaited installation of my cd burner.

So many pages to sign, and all written in untranslatable financial jargon. I’m probably signing away all my harvestable organs. I’m sure they got my soul last year...

And the music? It’s occurred to me that a cd burner is only a good gift, if you have a friend with good taste in music. Luckily, this applies. I’m currently saturating in stolen Radiohead.

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