Friday, August 10, 2001

jen and the porcelain shoe collection

did you ever notice how awkward human interactions can be? and is it any wonder, if you really get down to it? i mean, if you take situations, that happen every day and really look at the BOTTOM line of it all... it's no wonder we're nervous around each other now and then.

for example? how about dating-

"would you like to go out some time?"

is what you stutter through, when the bottom line, i mean the BOTTOM line, is more like -

"hey... i was thinking... that you might....err... your initial qualities suggest that you might make a nice mate for me in the future... why don't we talk... and see if we're compatible enough to settle down and have a family that together, we can fulfill our animal instinct to increase and multiply? if that's ok with you?"


my old college roomate called me yesterday, just to talk, which was nice, though really odd considering me and Jen had very little to talk about while we were living together, much less now.

Jen was my polar opposite: I was alternative, she was NSYNC... I wore old converse shoes, she collected miniature porcelain slippers... I had my mouse, and Jen had fish...

Oh, the fish... She must've gone through 5 before someone finally told her that Austin water killed the poor things... and then, jug of store bought water in hand, she dropped one in the parking lot on her way back from Petco and watched the poor little bugger flop for air on the pavement.

Poor Jen cried for everyone of her little swimmers... meanwhile, my mouse watched the fish come and go, I'm sure all the while developing a healthy fear of jen...

and vice versa. I came in the door one night, to find my little mouse, sitting on top of his cage... not in it mind you, on top... and Jen huddled in the corner, on top of her desk, screaming. who knows how long she'd been up there...

*sigh*... good times. :)

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