Thursday, August 09, 2001

wage slavery

I just finished reading "Nickle and Dimed: on NOT getting by in America."

This upper/middle class writer decided to throw herself into several different cities all over the nation, to see if she could keep housing and food

(i.e. -SURVIVE) off dollar an hour ("wage slave") jobs (including walmart, house cleaning, and waitressing.)

If you can ignore the atheistic and raving liberal rants, it's a pretty interesting account. It totally verbalizes any wage working complaints i've had, and even explains motivations behind a lot of evil bosses I've had in the past.

her conclusion after said experience? - That, though much of the country attempts to live off these salaries every day, it's damn near impossible. Our whole country is supported by wage workers, who can't survive without living in their car, or in a one room apartment with three other people.

I won't rant-- if that kind of thing interests you, check it out.


props to miss "moonwort" for this amy jo portrayal. i love how her dolls make everyone look like a supermodel. :P

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