Sunday, July 22, 2001

beef jerky

My roomates boyfriend just came in, and said the following, none of which, have I exaggerated, or expanded upon:

Him and his friends just got pulled over and ticketed for having objects obstructing the view through their back window.

The object covering the window was James, who was riding, not in, but on top of the car.

When they were pulled over, they were worried about the car being searched, because they had a sledge hammer, a bag of rocks, and a sack full of stolen beef jerky in the back seat.

That's right:

A sledge hammer.

A bag of rocks.

A sack full of beef jerky.

I had to ask. I should've known better: The sledge hammer was to smash mail boxes. The rocks were to throw at cows, and why beef jerky? The world will never know.

Ahh-- the wonders of small town life.

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