Friday, July 20, 2001

mysteries... oh never mind.

Mysteries of the World: part I

At the Burger King we have a sink on the floor with foot high walls where we empty the mop buckets and the like. Today, I was cleaning out a grease bucket, and saw a baby cricket in the bottom. I tried to scoop it out with some cardboard... I mean could I really live with myself if I killed baby crickets with dirty grease water?

... Wait a minute... I just realized how dumb this story would sound if you hadn't been there...


My folks are out of town, so me and my roomie, (also named Amy) went to the Walmart at about 2am last night with a friend. We took a camera, and had a grand time. I'll try to post some pics later. We also hit the IHOP while we were out. God bless the 24 hour stores.


I almost forgot the best story. I was driving around town with my friends the other night, (because in small towns that's what you do... drive around, I mean.) We got pulled over for an out of date inspection sticker... blah blah blah... can I see your license, and all that bit... but right before he leaves...

He turns to the window with his hands on his hips, in a Peter Pan, save the world stance, and says, oh so deliberately: "They're not my laws ma'mm. They're the state of Texas'. I just enforce them."

... And then he flew away in a whirl wind of fire, lept over a tall building, and pulled a small child from a well...

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