Monday, July 23, 2001


i've done some much needed updating in my profile, so that now all my favorite diaries can be properly propogated through me. ;) now that all the business is out of the way... on with the show!


I took a moment to "swim in the lake of amy jo", if you will, and read straight through all my old entries.

I was able to pinpoint the day of my "breakdown" if you will (i.e. - the death of happy amy jo entries, and the onslaught of my anxiety attack), and so now I have this piece of information to offer up to the science gods:

Using this diary, I have discovered, that it takes EXACTLY one month, and one week working at Burger King with an evil boss, to break down an amy jo.

Do with it what you will, scientists of the world. It's my gift to you.


Also- an addition to my list:

#21 Compete in a Chili Cookoff.

any and all help with completing my list, is much appreciated. :) (that is to say... does anyone out there know how to make chili??)

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