Sunday, July 01, 2012

Cape Cod

As a wedding gift, our [extremely wonderful and appreciated] friend, Kenda, lent us her house in Cape Cod for a week this summer. I can't tell you how fancy [and a little ridiculous] I felt anytime someone asked where we were going for vacation, and I heard the words "to a beach house... in Cape Cod" came out of my mouth. There's something about "the Cape" that just seems like a class above me. It is definitely not a trip I would have thought to take without it being dropped in my lap.

But MAN am I glad we went. I think after 4 days, Anthony and I were both ready to relocate permanently. Not that we could ever afford it, but we did discuss, at length, the idea of squatting in Kenda's house in the off season (now that we know where the spare key is hidden). We also developed elaborate conspiracies to get our whole family to relocate to a beach. Really, why live anywhere else?

I'm not sure I've ever felt more relaxed. The ocean on the South side of the cape is so still, so you get the ocean experience without getting hammered by waves. I really enjoyed the quiet at night. Philly is so LOUD and you don't realize how constantly your ears are assaulted when you live here, until you leave and all the yelling/honking/truck-driving sounds --halt.

The house was devoid of television, and though there was internet - I barely used it. I spent hours just sitting in front of a screen door with a book. Just the kind of break I needed.

Here's some photos to make you jealous:

Kenda and Anthony at the beach.

The three of us - 6 years (almost to the day!) after AmeriCorps NCCC.

Anthony and I had our first experience with lobster.  Kenda insisted we have an authentic Cape experience and do all the... *ahem*... "deconstruction" ourselves.

I definitely had a pang of guilt looking at this little guys face... But I quickly got over it, when I realized he was filled with delicious meat!  YUM. Lobster = Worth the Fuss.

And THAT is how you vacation.  One of the BEST trips I've taken in 10 years of travels.

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