Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Annual Plan

I've done a lot of reflecting in the past few months: on the choices I've made, the current state of affairs, what kind of person I envisioned myself becoming compared to the kind of person I've become. I would say the second half of 2008 was spent in reflection.

I met a good friend at a coffee shop this morning, and we got into a conversation about choices - and the dangers of over-thinking. This is definitely a trap I fall into, and it goes something like this:

Amy is presented with a choice. Amy thinks about the pros and cons and possibilities associated with each choice. Neither option seems obviously good or obviously bad, so Amy continues to think. And think, and think, and think... 5 years go by. No choice is made.

I hope that 2009 will go down in the books as a year of action. I am tired of reflecting my life away. I would rather be moving in a less than perfect direction, than not moving at all in fear of missing "it" ...I don't think there even is an "it".

With this in mind, I decided to approach my 2009 personal life, the same way I would approach a new business year: with an Annual Plan, a Budget, Standards and Goals.

I reserve the right to add to this list throughout the year... but here is the start:

Standards. Habits I would like to develop over the next year.

Exercise regularly.
Pay bills on time.
Eat a healthy, low-calorie breakfast and lunch. Avoid overly processed foods. Eat out only on weekends and occasional evenings.
Keep daily journal of things I am thankful for.
Track expenses against a budget.
Keep personal spaces clean (car, room, desk, bathroom, etc).
Blog once a week.
Volunteer once a month.
Maintain friendships. Initiate activites, return phone calls, send more mail.
Evaluate progress towards goals/standards on a monthly basis.

Goals. Specific targets for achievement.

Participate in two races/walks this year.
Join a gym and establish an exercise routine.
Invest money in a savings account.
Pay off student loan.
Switch over car insurance.
Take web design course.
Do two freelance contracts this year.

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abel said...

Hope 2009 is everything you want it to be, Amy.

And I hope you do blog at least once a week. When you do write, it's always worth reading.