Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just got back from Texas, where my poor Mom is home with a broken arm. Quote of the weekend from Madi (age 3): "Grandma, Why do you have nails in your arm??" I told Mom to make a sad face for this picture... I don't think she had to dig very deep to pull this one out:

Here's a close up of the horror... Poor mama... You can see how bruised and swolen she is. She broke her arm over Memorial Day weekend trying to pick cilantro in her garden. She had to have surgery, and they put a metal rod and some screws into her arm.

I feel like as a society, we should be past fixing bones the way we would frame a house. I mean seriously, Grandma - Why do you have nails in your arm? This is 2008, for God's sake. We should have invented some sort of bone-mending superglue by now. And are we really still stapelling people back together? Seriously? I'm surprised they didn't Bedazzle her name on her arm. I mean, as long as we're treating my mom like an arts-and-crafts project, it would have been a nice touch.

And finally, for your viewing horror, I present what my family is affectionately calling "The Meat Paw":

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Erin said...

Ouch! Your poor mom! I hope she feels better soon!

PS: I have a blog now too! lifewithladyerin.blogspot.com