Friday, January 04, 2008

Still Alive...

The boss invited me out to lunch today with a couple of other girls. I don't know these people, but it's one of those situations, where it's hard to say "no thanks". They know you don't have anywhere else to be... and it's your boss.

Anyway - long story short. The lady who was driving almost got us in an accident. And by almost - I mean, my life was flashing before my eyes as this was happening. I cursed (in front of my boss) as I watched a car careening towards my door, and we narrowly escaped being smashed into tiny bits.

The driver, as if the fact that she almost killed three people and herself was nothing to shrug over, proceeds to turn onto the highway. Two minutes later, this car comes screeching up in the lane beside ours - matching our speed and yelling through two layers of car window... The guy she had pulled out in front of, of course.

So at this point, I'm thinking - Great! I just escaped dying in a car accident, so I could get shot by this lunatic on the side of the road. He followed us on our way back to the office, but after we drove around and around for five minutes, with no intention on stopping to get murdered - he finally gave up his chase.

I only bring all of this up, because 1) I haven't blogged in ages. And 2) I think any day where you actually believe you are gonna die, even if only for a moment, is an interesting day. It makes you realize how fleeting and fragile everything really is. You sort of stop taking breathing for granted, and it puts everything else after breathing into perspective.

I like breathing.

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