Thursday, November 01, 2007

I wonder a lot lately if its possible to die from boredom.

My boss came by my cubicle this morning just to let me know that she didn't have anything for me to do today. "Sorry!" ...What I want to know is - if she's so ok with me being paid to do nothing, why can't I do nothing from home? Anyway - If I'm over-texting, or over-emailing any of you guys between 8 and 5 -- That's just me trying to pass the time in my cubicle prison.

On a happier note (a joyous one even) - I'm moving out this weekend! I've actually been a little nostalgic this last week, realizing I won't be taking the Phillips' family with me. Despite what my sister may think, I have loved living with them these past three months.

I mean - there is definitelya lot of crying, and throwing up, and generally too many uncontrolled body fluids for my taste, but I love getting to hang out with the girls so much. I'm gonna miss reading Emma bed-time stories, and dancing with Madeline. And it's been awesome to get to hang out with Mary and Dean. They are just very cool people, who thankfully, I am related to; therefore - they are forced to be my friends.

Thank you so much Phillips Family! I love you all enormously. Much more than I am weakly conveying here.

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