Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8 Day Report

I got a job today working for Communities in Schools as a Case Manager.

The Pluses:

I get to work with elementary school kids.
I get case-working experience.
I get to work school hours, and get off school holidays.
Benefits! Health and Dental.
I get to do a job that is interesting and purposeful.

Down Sides:

Un-spectacular pay. Not bad. Enough to live on, but not great either.
The schools is in McKinney, TX. Which was pretty much last on my list of places I'd enjoy living in.

Solutions (NCCC Style)

I think making "enough" but not an excess of money, will give me the motivation I need to work on getting some articles published. I can use any money I make writing for fun stuff.

I'm considering living in Denton (my #1 location choice) anyway - and just commuting. It's about a 30 minute drive, which is a pretty standard commute for this area. That would give me the chance to live in a city with people my age, and a good music scene. Plus - I'll only be working until 4 everyday, so even with a commute, I'll probably still be home by 5. I haven't completely decided on this yet, gas prices being a major consideration, but the idea of living in McKinney drives me nuts - so this idea is comforting to me.

That's it for now. Just want to keep everyone updated.

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