Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am completely. exhausted.

I mean completely. I come straight home from work, put on my pjs, and go to bed.

...Well, I guess that's not really all that unusual.

Regardless, I can't wait for the weekend. Just one more day of crazy, and then I can --relax-- and breathe a little.

I think alot lately about leaving this place for an easier life. But I hate the idea of going back to some meaningless job, where my only goal is getting a paycheck to pay my rent.

On the flip side, I'm kindof burnt out on service and non-profit work right now. I mean - It will definitely always be a part of my life. I'm scarred for it after these last two years. All tangible change in the world - starts with the commitment of individuals... But really I need a break. My compassion is fatigued.

Anyway - I think alot about taking a few business classes, maybe taking out a loan, and opening up a book shop or something chill... Just doing my own thing. I like the challenge of it, and the idea of not having a boss.

Just a thought though... Those of you who know me better know that I'm 90% ideas, and 10% fruition. I'm not saying I'm lazy... Just that I'm always thinking about the possibilities.

Wow. I'm pretty sure that the only person who still reads this is my mother. Kindof feels like talking to myself. I used to put alot more effort into this... there's the exhaustion factor for you.

Alright! Back to bed.


Unknown said...

Yep - I'm still here reading. The pursuit of endless possibilities comes from your dad. :)

everyday amy said...

Awww... Mom. You're my favorite mom.

Anonymous said...

hey now... I still read this...
come open a business with me :-)

KC said...

You've got such a cute family Amy.

I'm in on the business idea. What about a bar/book store. Igor's has something going right!

everyday amy said...

Cute? We prefer to think of ourselves as HOT! Igor's does have a certain appeal... Maybe a bookstore/ bar/ laundromat is the way to go? With wi-fi? We'd kill in the college market.

Anonymous said...

Still checking on you, too. Bookstore is a good idea. Or, OR you could get a job recording books on tape! Then, you could walk and read at the same time. No driving and reading, though. That's my job.


Lara said...

I still read! I'm all for the book store idea. I'd love to partner up with the Allen girls.

Love you!

Ruth said...

I think with any business you ran, people would walk out of the doors with a better sense of purpose, meaning, and justice. I don't know how that would be accomplished, but you would express it somehow, and it would be good.