Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Job

Today I received 60 emails, and sent 21 emails...

I remember when I first came back to HONO and my job was cleaning out the tool shed and tearing houses apart with a flatbar and hammer...

For anyone I haven't talked to (in months and months and months) - I just took on the job of "Program Manager" at Hands On New Orleans. It's been an interesting 8 months since I came back to NOLA for the second time. For awhile I was in a crazy cycle of developing a job, training someone to do it, and then changing jobs again. This will be my eighth job at HONO.

I'm excited about this latest transition though, and I think this job will be a little more permanent. It's a good chance to ensure alot of good work is done by our organization now and down the road; A chance to really impact people's lives.

I've also taken up running and salad, both of which I hate, as a means of counteracting my desk job life style. I swear on Tuesdays, which I spend largely in meetings, I can actually feel my leg muscles atrophying.

Miss you all. Sorry I've been terrible about keeping in touch.

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