Sunday, December 17, 2006

December in New Orleans

Just in case you're wondering how it's going down here, here's some photos from this month in New Orleans:

I went to scout this house a few days ago in New Orleans East. It hasn't been touched since the storm. When I got there I found these Christmas ornaments spilling out the door, and inside boxes of Christmas lights in the middle of all the debris. Seeing it was another reminder of how slow the progress is in the city, and how much time has passed with so few homes recovered.

I trained another team of long-term volunteers and NCCC in the arts of gutting and mold remediation this past week. Here's the house we gutted and de-molded, a three day process. The team is standing in front of the debris pile they created.

We had a particulary hard working group in from Knox college this week. This photo was taken after they stayed out late to finish a house. When they came back at 7:30pm - they all looked like they'd just been pulled out of an explosion somewhere.

Our friends from a former NCCC team came to visit. They have another project in New Orleans, so we get to be friends for longer than the usual 6-8 weeks. Mostly I'm putting this picture here because Kenda and I look so good in it. AND because my mom will cry when she sees a picture of my hair washed and combed and blown-dry. Look, mom! I'm a real girl!


Anonymous said...

That really is a good picture of you and Kenda. Hope all is going well for you.

Heather :) said...

That first picture is really sad and powerful. You are so brave to be down there in the midst of everything for so long! And the last look SO hot!