Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy Stuff

Ok. My sister called me just to tell me that my blog was way too depressing. So here's some happy stuff.

Two of my four kids are showing significant improvements from when I first started meeting with them. I helped one boy memorize all his multiplication facts. And one of my girls has gone from being able to write one paragraph, to consistently writing three. I feel like that's pretty good work for just 7 weeks.

Also, its been a really fun project. The kids, even though their stories can be scary and sad, are still just kids. It's been fun for me to be consistentely surrounded by other people who like to play as much as I do. There's always someone around who wants to play tag or hide-and-seek or color pictures. You tag any kid, and say "You're it!" and they'll play with you. In my experience adults are generally less receptive to this kind of impromptu gaming.

Also, I found a really awesome church to go to while we've been in Jackson. I've met some really amazing people, and I've learned alot.
And, unrelated to Americorps, my youngest niece can now say "Amy," and while her sister was telling me about their new turtle, "Squirtle", Madi was in the background saying: "amyamyamyamyamyamyamy".

And the best happy stuff of all --I get to come home in just under 2 weeks!

I hope that elevated the tone of my blog. =) See you all soon!


Lauren Oliver said...

It certainly did lift the tone of your blog. I'm so happy for you and all the good things in your life. I miss you and wish you a very happy Christmas (and a quick two weeks until then).

some mom said...

And the most improved happy happy blog award goes too.....
AmyAmy Amy Amy Amy!!!

Abel Keogh said...

yay for happy stuff.

Lara said...

It really was a very upbeat entry. So are you in SC yet?