Tuesday, October 11, 2005

After the Garden Festival...

We'll be going to Jackson, Mississippi to work in an inner-city elementary school / help with disaster relief. The school has 700 new students this year, in the form of Katrina evacuees. We'll be tutoring one on one in the classroom and helping run an after school program at the local Y. We'll also be helping clean up public property hit by Katrina and working with the evacuees in Jackson.

I'm completely excited about this project. We'll be there from October 26-December 16.

In other news, I'm running the Americorps 5K tomorrow morning, which is also my first 5K. Induction is tomorrow as well, so I will "officially" become part of Americorps with all the rights inherent therein. Training has been really long and hard, so I'm crazy excited to be getting out in the field and "getting things done," as the motto says.

I just had the second shot in my Hepatitis B series, and just before had a totally irrational panic attack. I remember getting the last shot, just a month ago, and already knew that it didn't hurt, and yet couldn't calm myself down, and even had to cry a little bit on the phone with my dad. You'd think the more shots you got, the more de-sythetized you'd get to them, but I feel like my needle-phobia only gets worse and worse.

I guess that's it for now. I'll post again when I find out more about our Jackson project.

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Ruth said...

I totally understand. No matter how many times I get my blood drawn I am always nervous. I just focus on breathing (as opposed to forgetting and passing out).
Also, thanks for the blog encouragement.