Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Retro-Amy II

The more I read of my old dream journal, the sadder I am. I think I'm only now realizing what a distorted view of God I had at the time, and how tormented I was by my own rebellion and my misconceptions.

Here's another dream from 1995, 13-year old me:

"My dream takes place in a world with no buildings, just hills and valleys, no roads, no danger. There are many people running and jumping. It was one of the most peaceful settings imaginable. Then suddenly a large burning cross floats across the sky, and everyone begins to scream and run except me because I don't know what's happening. After the cross has passed by, everything is still in chaos. Shortly following the cross are large black missiles flying overhead. Everyone is seeking shelter but there is none. We were all going to die with no way out.

Pretty scary, huh. Dad says it represents bad things happening and no help being offered by my religion."


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