Sunday, January 30, 2005

Quick Update

Our internet has been out since Thursday and I had an hour after church to burn before the Y opens, so I'm at Schlotzkeys catching up on my email and blog responsibilities. Actually, it's 1:00 now, and the Y is open - but I had to wait a good twenty minutes for this kid to get done playing the astroids game to get a computer - and now I feel like I should use it.

Things are going well. I'm excited about having a plan, a direction - and some goals. I'm excited about going to the YMCA and the "muscle sculpt" class I'm starting tomorrow. I'm excited about my new hope group - and delving into a new community of people who are more where I'm at in life. Not to mention - AMERICORPS and my new job - which are both still very exciting. Things are just good.

Alright - there's a line for internet access now, and I feel kindof guilty for sitting here blogging (even though the guy two chairs down has been on his computer for more than an hour.) Hopefully my home internet will be back up soon, and I can keep telling the world how exciting everything.

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