Monday, November 08, 2004


Five People I Would Want to be Stranded on an Icy Mountain Top, in the Dead of Winter with, if I Had to Choose**:

1. My Dad : He's resourceful, and can hunt, and claims he would cut flesh from his own calf, and say it was rabbit meat, so that we could eat it without being totally sickened, if we were ever starving in said situation.

2. My Mom: I wouldn't want my Dad to go through that without her and we (my sister, Lara, and I) always thought it would be best if they died around the same time, since they're so co-dependent on one another. Plus, I would want another girl there to 'hunt and gather' with and keep the boys from eating each other for as long as possible.

3. My friend, Nathan: He's an eagle scout, and would know all the good survival tips, like how to start a fire, and how to make a coat out of pine needles.

4. My friend, Roger: He's good at making light of really awkward or sad situations; at least we'd go down laughing. (Plus, Nathan and Roger are both righteous men - and therefore, their prayers (say, for a rescue chopper?) are 'powerful and effective'.

5. My dog, Nessie: She's old anyway, and really warm. If she died before us, we could make a coat and have a little meat to go around. If I died first, at least my dog would be with me.

**My initial instinct for this list was to put on it people I didn't like (like my old boss, and this jerk guy I knew in high school), since death was the most likely ending, but that would be a pretty harsh list, so I decided to choose based purely on resources and usefulness.

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