Monday, November 08, 2004


I used to carry around a little, green notebook with the soul purpose of recording all the random things I thought of throughout a day, that were only interesting, but not necessarily useful. Unfortunately, I spilt Kool-Aid on it, and it erased all the pages and died them pink.

To think of all the randomness lost grieves me: lists of words I can make from the letters in my name, a song list for the "ultimate mix cd", poems and song lyrics, blog entry ideas, lists of my favorite people and why I like them, magazine cut-outs of haircuts I liked, things to pray for, christmas gift ideas, things I would do with $1,000,000 dollars... and so on.

The Kool-Aid disaster happened about a year ago, at which point I lost all faith in the consolidated note-book system, and started keeping seperate scraps of paper in my backpack. Now I'm thinking of going paper-less and keeping much of it safe in my blog world. Hence the initial list below:


shaun said...

I used to journal in a hardback journal, until I realized that I was far less consistent and had problems reading my own handwriting when I got really going.

I also have a weird way of organizing my thoughts better when I type them.

So yes, I too have been blogized.

everyday amy said...

shaun - i think you comment on people's blogs more than anybody else in hope - everytime i come across a new hope blog, there's a comment from you somewhere on the site.

anyway - thanks for reading! i really enjoy your site, but just don't get around to commenting as much as i ought to. --amy

shaun said...

haha! Yeah, I like to comment. I think it's because I'm such an extrovert. Plus I like it when people blog!

I also have massive amounts of free time at work due to the numerous "breaks" that I take. Hence me surfing blogs, a lot.

Speaking of which...back to work.